Oldhammer sculpting contest- my entry (part 1)

Recently, a nice sculpture contest was launched on “Oldhammer Sculpting Group on Facebook. I’m a big fan of this group and immediately I thought to join (Oh yes Alessio, why not? As like I have no other sculptures to do…)
Obviously I thought to make things harder for me with a subject a little bit complicated…an Ogre, inspired by the old miniatures Citadel and Marauder, one in particular triggered the “click” in my head, the Ogre masterfully painted by Jaeckel Alone you can see here below (By the way: if you are fans of “old style” miniature, I suggest you take a look at his blog):

Ogre painted by Jaeckel Alone
Ogre painted by Jaeckel Alone

Ogre Bodiguard concept
I bet the halfling will be the main course for dinner.

For now I have created only a quick sketch, which is still enough to be used as a concept tough. Here it is:

Contest will end March 1st… will I do it in time?

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